Saturday, September 26, 2015

Google Classroom Got a Calendar

This may be my most awaited feature for Google Classroom. The main reason has to do with parent access. Parents don't have a Classroom account and therefore have no way to be notified of upcoming due dates except by hoping their child tells them. That isn't enough for some families. Now that there is a Google Calendar involved, the calendar can be set to "public" so anyone can view what is being assigned. So much easier for busy families to check their Calendar and see the baseball game along side the social studies map test.

The video below is me doing a trial run through the features. I did find one problem when attempting to add an event directly on the calendar. It does not show within Classroom at all. As an example, if the school is going on a field trip on Wednesday and you as the teacher place it on the calendar rather than make it an assignment in Classroom, students will only see it on their Google Calendars and not within Classroom. This isn't going to break the deal, just needs to be watched by teachers.

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