Monday, August 24, 2015

Question and Answer - Thank you Google Classroom

I am so jazzed today about the latest and really super simple upgrade to Google Classroom, the Question and Answer feature. Not unlike an assignment really, and if you have made an assignment in Google Classroom, you know that is easy. This is even better.

You'll notice instantly something has changed. We've got an add button in the lower right hand corner. This is the new interface we see on most Android apps where to start something new you press a + sign. From there, the options are Announcement, Assignment, Q&A, and Reuse Post. After you pick the Q&A, it is the same box to fill in like the Assignment, with an option to remove the due date if you want. (That option to remove the due date is new within Assignments too.) Type up your question and if you need more materials, like a video, a link to a webpage or anything else, attach it directly to the question.

When you press the Ask button there are 2 check boxes that can give you up to four options. The first check box really creates a discussion board around your question. Students are able to respond to each other. You'll see later that the grading on this is awesome if you are trying to judge participation because you can see all their entries in one place by one student. When you uncheck this box, only the teacher is seeing the answers by the students. Perfect option for when you quickly want to check for understanding. (Imagine those individual white boards only easier to read the writing.) The second box is the second chance. On the student side, they have a button that says, "edit your answer". You offer this for those questions that require a bit more thinking.

Students have space to write a long free form answer but can not add any photos or anything but text. 

Below is a real short video going over the feature as if you are asking a quick, on the fly, type question. 

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