Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Explaining Creative Commons to Anyone

It's been 14 years since the start of the alternate Creative Commons license and there are still so many teachers that are unaware of these licenses. Well, now that we are working in the cloud, there is a more urgent need for a clear promotion of Creative Commons. Sure, I was always the teacher saying I wasn't scared of the copyright police and I'm still not. But I am getting a bit concerned at digital rights management and the ease in which they track down copyright infringement. Lawyers love this automated system.   Articles like this one, showing that image marketers are pursuing the money relentlessly makes me much more hesitant to flagrantly post images, but I'm not perfect either.

So I decided to create this video to try and make a case for the use of Creative Commons by students and attempt to show that it isn't that difficult. I hope you can find a particular time to promote Creative Commons and ask that more and more people post their images for us to share. The more artists that learn about it, the more great art, photography, drawings and graphics will be available for all of us to borrow.

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