Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Review Time

I'm a huge fan of all review games and they are a blast for students. I've seen some great uses of Kahoot, Quizlet, and Socrative in the last few years. However, one thing that makes these a bit tedious is the creation of the questions and the saving of a new game each time.

But why not try Flippity?  This uses a very simple Google spreadsheet to feed into a Jeopardy style board. I think there are awesome versions of Jeopardy using Smart and PowerPoint but the best part of a Google Spreadsheet is collaboration. The whole team of teachers can edit the questions, taking the burden off of just you.

And for those in FCPS, it works in our domain! The URL created in the spreadsheet generates a very slick, full screen, online game that tallies team points for up to four teams. No hassles trying to keep track on ye ole chalkboard.

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